5G-AIoT LoRaWAN Sensor Network for Smart and Sustainable Campus

Welcome to a smart and sustainable campus with low energy consumption to power the IoT monitoring devices that are operating 24/7!

Our project, in collaboration with Advantech Co. Singapore, aims to reduce energy consumption by setting up a Low Powered Wireless Area Nework (LPWAN) using LoRa sensors that are deployed across SP campus while being assisted by 5G wireless communication. It will enable remote monitoring, perform real-time control and data analysis in several sustainable applications via a cloud AIoT dashboard named WISE-PaaS.

Come and visit our complete suite of 5G+LPWAN sustainable deployments in our campus that include 5G Unboxed, Autonomous Safety Electric Vehicle (ASEV), our SMART urban farming, our SMART office and our Autonomous Mobile Robot for outdoor delivery.


Phyoe Kyaw Kyaw (Lead) | Ang Teck Sing | Boey Kai Ming | Carlos Acosta | Goh Say Seng | Sing Mong Nguang | Tee Taoyi | Wee Boon Siong | Yusuf Pranggonoh | Zhang Liandong | Zhang Qi


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