Manufacturing Sustainability with i4.0 and Digital Twin Technology

The adoption of i4.0 and digital twin technologies are applied in the manufacturing, logistics and warehouse sectors for SMEs to improve productivity and efficiency in work processes.

The first is a Digital Twin of a beverage dispensing machince for sustainability as testing. Virtual commissioning can done parallel with machine construction. It reduces the risk of damaged products (i.e. broken glass) during testing, saving time and cost.

The second is a real-time object detection of a manufacturing test station showing a robotic arm coupled with AI technology for at a test station. Robots accurately pick up parts from a conveyor belt, perform real-time inspection and sort the parts into bins, to save time and manpower with improved in inspection reliability.


Chung Ock Jin (Lead) | Ong Hock San | Qua Pheng Thiam | Rick Chua | Tan Eng Khoon | Teo Chin Heng | Zhang Liandong | He Qun


Belinda Chua Jia Xuan | Devapandian Shriharini | Eric Yu | Lucas Lim Jian Qi | Muhammad Faiz Bin Roslee | Ng Jia Wei Henry | Toh Si Pei


Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Diploma in Computer Engineering
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering


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