5G-Enabled Autonomous Surveillance Vehicle

Students fixing an AI Camera for Campus Surveillance

5G-Enabled Autonomous Surveillance Vehicle

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) has delivered its first 5G self-driving electric vehicle that can be used as:-

1)  a smart surveillance vehicle patrolling the campus autonomously, and

2)  a safe and smart passenger vehicle within SP

Outfitted with GPS, a LIDAR navigation system, a smart camera, 5G real-time data streaming, AI and Computer Vision technologies and a range of sensors, this SAE Level 3 Autonomous Surveillance Vehicle (ASV) can sense its environment and navigate safely around the campus without human intervention. Various sensors, such as temperature, humidity and obstacle avoidance sensors, ensure that the ASV is operating at optimum conditions all the time.

As it moves around the campus, the ASV can detect anomalies in the environment (such as fire), or unusual scenarios (such as people not wearing masks or violating safe distancing measures), and send detailed alerts immediately to security officers. SP faces challenges in the nation-wide shortage of security officers, hence the ASV would be a big help in patrolling the campus, especially during the current pandemic situation.

Passengers can book a ride on the ASV via an app on their handphones and enjoy secure transactions through a digital currency payment option using a Blockchain network.



Phyoe Kyaw Kyaw, Boey Kai Ming, Goh Say Seng, He Yingjie, James Yee, Low Lee Ngo, Niu Tianfang, Sing Mong Nguang, Wong Kwee Yin, Zhang Liandong, Chua Bing Sheng, Dee Puay Hwa


Andri Wei Siang Waliyullah Bin Mat Zanes, Chen Zihan, Eugene Cheong Kok Yun, Fong Jun Han Ryan, Harrison Julius Suah, Hazim Bin Wasis, Heng Zeng Xi, Ian Pey Jun Jie, James Lum Yew Ji, Kevin Lai Zheng Rong, Kuan Liang Feng Bryan, Lee Newton, Lester Lee Wei Le, Lin Cong , Liu Cong, Lum Yi Ren Johannsen, Lwin Maung Maung Thaw, Muhammad Afham Bin Mohamed Shahril, Nashita Fatima, Ong Zi Weng, Ramar Ashwin, Sim Jian An, Tan Yao Long, Tan Yu Yang, Thomas Poh Kuan Yuan, Xu Haiyang, Yang Zhuoxun


Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Diploma in Computer Engineering
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Diploma in Energy Systems & Management


SiiX-AGT MedTech Pte Ltd

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