Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) for Outdoor Delivery

Project team with their successful Outdoor Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Outdoor Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) with the Monitoring and Navigation Systems

Big organisations, especially those involved in production, tend to have more than one building within their premises. Very often there is a need to deliver items (documents, equipment, etc.) from one building to another. It is expensive to install physical connectors between all the buildings for such deliveries and human labour is costly.

The Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) to the rescue!

This project explores the ability of an AMR to operate in an outdoor environment. Navigating outdoors pose a great challenge for an AMR as the environment changes dynamically.

The AMR is able to collect and deliver items, based on request, from one building to another. It is able to navigate around on its own, avoiding obstacles, and return to its source if any unexpected situation arises.

The AMR dimensions are 50cm by 60cm by 60cm and it weighs about 15kg. It is capable of moving a 10kg load, for two hours continuously, before it needs to be recharged. Its speed is capped at a maximum of 1m/s, and 0.5m/s when in close proximity to humans or obstacles or in narrow places.




Carlos Acosta, Yusuf Pranggonoh, Zhang Qi, Jacqueline Oh


Camilla Anne Tiongson Concepcion, Edwin Tan Yong Hao, Goh Ming Quan, Ho Yong Zhan Vincent, Jaron Lee Jin-An, Jayvien Ng Zhen Yuan, Leaw Jun Ting Xavier, Liew Wenjun, Lim Jun Ming Benjamin, Ng Wei Kang, Ong Jian Han, Owen Chen Yiren Macalevey, Phang Chee Sam, Soo Jia Jun, Tan Jun Kai, Winsome Lim Siew Zheng


Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Diploma in Energy Systems & Management
Diploma in Engineering with Business


Weston Robot Pte Ltd

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