Solar-Powered Pavilion with Fitness Pedaling

Friendly competition during pedalling exercises while energy generated is harnessed and stored

Solar Powered Pavilion with Fitness Pedaling

This project comprises a smart solar pavilion integrated with stationary exercise equipment, to allow users to relax, study or exercise in a green, sustainable and comfortable environment. The system harnesses both solar energy (via PV solar panels) and energy generated via the exercise equipment, to power various electrical appliances in the pavilion, such as fans, LED lights and electrical charging outlets.

The exercise equipment are hand or leg pedaling machines with multiple resistance levels for fitness building.  Up to four persons can use the equipment simultaneously. A mobile App containing tutorial videos and general safety guidance for rehabilitative exercises using the pedaling equipment is also available.

While serving as fitness machines for hand, arm, leg and knee rehabilitation, the exercise equipment also allow users to have fun by keeping score of the energy generated over a period of time. A user may compete against himself or against other users in a friendly game. The game system tracks and displays the names of the top five scorers.



Jiang Hao, Wang Huaqian, Jason Li, Mohd Isham Bin Alias


Bhavathaarani Karthikeyan, Hanzalah Bin Abdul Rashid, Harini D/O Sevakumaran, Leonard Tan Teck Shin, Ryan Soh Hsien Yang


Diploma in Computer Engineering
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Diploma in Energy Systems & Management


Singapore Polytechnic Graduate’s Guild

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