Sustainable Urban Farming - Zero Energy, Zero Waste

Moving beyond the SG 30-30 goal for urban sustainability, this project aims to achieve SG's Green Plan 2030 with zero-energy and zero waste!

Our solar greenhouse is designed with an Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring system, able to adjust the optimum level of light energy required for the different stages of plant growth, saving energy. This is coupled with an urban hydroponic system, where roots absorb nutrients via a specially designed tube instead of from sponges, resulting in clean roots that can be recycled, leading to zero waste.

With double-sided solar panels powering the IoT, lighting and water-pump system, this is indeed a sustainable urban farming solution where healthy vegetables can be grown with zero energy and zero waste!


Jiang Hao (Lead)


Lee Zhou Kai Bryan | Wu Gao Ming | Yang Zongjie


Diploma in Computer Engineering
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering


Applied Scientific Technology Pte Ltd
Green Valley Farms Organic Pte Ltd

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