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The SP Industry & Innovation (I&I) Showcase serves as a gateway to the cutting-edge advancements in technology and engineering, offering a unique lens into the innovative spirit of SP students as they apply their academic learning from SP to address real-world challenges.

This event will feature final-year students presenting innovative projects in Green Technology, Digital Transformation, Caretech Solution, and Industry 4.0 Innovation, aimed at addressing industrial challenges in manufacturing and engineering.

The Green Technology section focuses on addressing environmental challenges through sustainable projects. Digital Transformation showcases technology's industry-wide impact, while the Caretech Solution highlights the intersection of technology and healthcare. The Industry 4.0 Innovation segment demonstrates the influence of automation, data exchange, and modern technologies on industrial processes.

Visitors will gain insights, exchange ideas, and potentially explore collaborations or mentorship opportunities with these student innovators. The SP I&I showcase fosters an environment of collaboration and knowledge exchange, fostering a bridge between academia and industry needs while propelling innovation forward.


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