Engaging Rehabilitation

Contactless Music Activating System and Mixed Reality Application using EEG (Electroencephalogram) signals

Interactive Rehabilitative Therapeutic Robotic Pet and Virtual Reality-Based Gamification of the Box and Block Test

The road to recovery for many stroke patients is often long and slow. Hence, such patients tend to become disengaged in the course of their rehabilitation exercise regimes.

This project showcases how the engagement of these patients can be increased by encouraging them to:

1. interactively create music via a contactless music activating system that detects hand movements optically during their physical upper-limb exercises; 

2. use certain facial expressions to “move” an object in different directions, in a mixed-reality game, during their neuro rehabilitation. The brain activity patterns extracted from the EEG signals of their expressions control the movement of the game object via a Brain-Computer Interface;  

3.  interact with a Pet Robot which has interesting features such as CR2 Game-Box, Smart Dumbbell and Smart Gloves to encourage the patients to build up their cognitive ability, dexterity and physical strength through the respective gameplays, at the end of which the Pet Robot will either bark loudly or shake its head to affirm the patients.

A gamified Virtual Reality version of the Box and Block Test (BBT) has also been developed to increase patients’ engagement during the regular evaluation of their gross manual dexterity.



Arun Kumar, Jaichandar K S, Lee Kah Mein Tracey, Yuan Zhongxuan, He Qun


Ashsyahid Bin Hussin, Charlotte Olivia Yee Yuan Yi, Christopher Lim Wai Ming, Unnikrishna Pillai Karthik, Vedaselvam Kausshik Revanth, Woo Kah Hoong Sean


Diploma in Computer Engineering
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Diploma in Engineering Systems


KK Women's and Children's Hospital

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