Video Analytics-based Smart Facilities

Staff receives notification and checks the unmanned counter remotely before deciding on the appropriate response to take

Visitor waving at an unmanned information counter to seek assistance

A video analytics-based (VA) camera is one which has been outfitted with artificial intelligence (AI) to process and analyze pictures or videos captured by it. When deployed, a VA camera is able to oversee a wide area, monitor many things at once and analyze the captured data simultaneously.

In this project, a completely contactless solution using VA cameras in a particular museum scenario is presented. Visitors purchase tickets online and submit their photos for onsite verification. At the museum entrance, a VA camera “verifies” the identity of registered visitors against their submitted photos before admitting them.

Within the museum, multiple VA cameras are deployed to monitor various activities or locations, e.g. the information counter or restricted zones. Visitors may approach the unmanned information counter and wave at a camera to seek assistance. Upon detecting such waving gestures, a staff will be notified to attend to the visitor. The camera is also capable of detecting visitors who are not wearing masks, not observing safe distancing measures or who are loitering around restricted areas. It can track the number of visitors daily for offline analysis of visitors’ visiting patterns.

This completely contactless solution is even more relevant during the current pandemic situation.



Tan Chee Seng, Low Kok Hee, Tan Chin Hee


Chan Si Hui Rachael, D Souza Virgil Sanjiv, Ho Zi Qi


Diploma in Computer Engineering
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering


Anyvision Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd

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