There are 18 technology centres and learning laboratories in MAE. They provide students with hands-on experience and enhance theoretical understanding and knowledge. Major equipment and software are listed below for some of these facilities.

Aeronautical Engineering Lab

  • A4SU Super Skyhawk aircraft
  • Cessna 310 aircraft
  • UH-1H Iroquois helicopter
  • Garrette TPE331 turboprop engine
  • General Electric F404 turbofan engine
  • Full-motion flight simulator
  • Jet-engine test cell
  • Low-speed wind tunnel
  • Various aircraft instruments and systems trainers

Aero Hub

Bioengineering Lab

CNC Workshop

Industrial Automation Lab

Machine Development Centre

Rapid Prototyping Workshop

Applied Thermodynamics Lab

  • Air compressor performance measurement
  • Fluid energy measurement
  • Heat engine and combustion test
  • Heat transfer measurement
  • Hydrostatic test
  • Impact jet test
  • Steam plant measurement

Bioengineering Lab

  • Blood pressure measurement (sphygmomanometer)
  • DASYLab and ICATS software
  • Force, pressure and displacement measurement
  • High performance treadmill with cardiopulmonary exercise testing
  • Isokinetic multi-joint evaluation and training
  • Non-contact 3D body surface scanning
  • Telemetric electromyography (EMG)
  • Vibration measurement
  • Optical 3D motion capture
  • Algorithm development for tracking and rehabilitation assessment
  • Biomechanics analysis using Adams and LifeMod software
  • High-end, high-precision motion capture using Qualisys software
  • Interactive floor projection using OptiTrack camera system
  • Interactive game development working with Chroma Key technology and multi modal sensors

CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) Centre

  • 3D modelling for product development
  • AutoCAD, Mimics bio-modelling, SAP Enterprise System, Showflow simulation, Wildfire software
  • Bio-modelling of anatomies and medical rapid prototyping
  • CAE and finite element analysis
  • Discrete event simulation of processes
  • Processes for warehousing and supply chain management

CNC Machine Shop & Metrology Lab

  • 2-axis CNC Turning
  • 3-axis CNC Milling
  • 5-axis CNC Turn-Mill applications
  • CAD/CAM systems (CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, Pro-Engineer, SolidWorks and MasterCAM)
  • CMM for GD&T applications
  • EDM die sinking and wire-cutting
  • Gauges (block, dial, height, electronic, pneumatic)
  • Micrometers (digital, 3-point) measurement
  • Multi-gauging system measurement
  • Optical profile projector and quick scope measurement
  • Precision machining up to IT-7 standard

Industrial Automation & Robotics Lab

  • Behaviour control programmer, Matrix Flowcode, Motion editor, Robot terminal, Robotino View software
  • CX Programmer
  • Digital oscilloscope
  • Festo Robotino
  • Matrix microcontroller development board
  • Matrix HPACT actuators training panel
  • Modular Production System
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Robotis Bioloid expert robot kit
  • Training sets (pneumatics, electro pneumatics, PLC)

Machine Development Centre

  • CNC Measurement Microscope System
  • Deckel Maho DMC 70V/Serie 2 Vertical Machining Centre
  • Troop Die-Sinking Electric Discharge Machine
  • Super Drill EDM Machine
  • 100 Ton Fully Closed Loop Injection Moulding Machine
  • Okamoto Surface Grinding Machine

Rapid Prototyping Centre

  • 3D ZPrinter 450 rapid prototyping machine with de-powdering unit
  • Fortus 360mc rapid prototyping machine and Insight software
  • Object Eden 350 rapid prototyping machine
  • MIMICS medical rapid prototyping development
  • Kevvox desktop 3D Printer and K-Studio software

Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning & Cleanroom Technology Lab

  • Class 10 cleanroom and clean booth
  • Ductwork and building automation systems
  • Laser particle counter
  • Manometers, anemometers and sound meters
  • Room air-conditioners and refrigerators

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