DARE Graduate 2021, Tristan Voon


DARE Graduate 2017 Satish Suppiah : Slow down, take your time, and find your passion. 


DARE Graduate 2017 Lai Zhau Yan: Interest in Aeroplanes and Machining

Lai Zhau Yan

Keenly interested in aeroplanes when young, it was being in Design and Technology classes during Secondary 3 that Zhau Yan grew fond of machining and hands-on work and that made it clear to her that studying engineering was the right choice for her. When she found out that SP offers a Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering, she was so determined to get in that she started to work towards this goal immediately.

During her studies in the DARE course, she was given the chance to travel overseas for the Overseas Industrial Training Programme (OITP). It is to be her most exciting and eye-opening experience in SP. During OITP, she was posted to AMEACO to learn more about aircraft maintenance, but what was equally valuable was the 6 weeks’ exposure to the culture in China and the precious friendships that were forged.

To Zhau Yan, “without engineering, science is just philosophy”. For her, engineering trains one to think critically and to be innovative. It is a versatile discipline and opens up many doors to future opportunities. If you like maths and hands-on work too, engineering is the way to go!