Bioengineering Lab

With DBEN, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to develop medical devices or use diagnostic procedures for the Biomedical Sciences, healthcare and research sectors.

You will be exposed to various disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and life sciences. Besides core engineering subjects, you will also be prepared on topics related to biomaterials, research protocols, immunology, human anatomy and physiology.

Course Highlights

  • Multi-disciplinary course combining mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and life sciences ensures you of a wide range of career options in the medical or engineering fields.
  • You will gain first-hand knowledge in emerging technologies such as Human Interface Technology and Assistive Technology which could see rising demand due to an ageing population.
  • You get the chance to complete your internship at hospitals and research institutions and also collborate with scientists and doctors on clinical and research projects.
  • You may be eligible for the Diploma Plus in Healthcare Innovation certificate where you will be further exposed to the issues faced by society including the elderly. This allows you to better understand and realise the needs of future patients. The Diploma Plus certificate also equips you with additional marketing, resources management and financial skills.
  • You can gain direct entry to the second year of the Bioengineering degree in NTU and module exemptions for a similar degree in NUS.


School:School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering
Tel: (65)-67751133
Course Manager:Ngoh Shwu Lan
Tel:(65) 65902796
General Enquiries:contactus@sp.edu.sg