Our heartiest congratulations to the following DES students who were the award recipients of 2016/2017 Public Transport Awards.

Abdul Hadi Bin Abdul SamadPublic Transport Scholarship and Book Prizes
Cheah Yu Fang DebraPublic Transport Book Prizes
Wong Zi Jian JarellPublic Transport Book Prizes



DES student, Abdul Hadi Bin Abdul Samad, receiving Public Transport Scholarship and Book Prize from Transport Minister Mr Khaw Boon Wan


Abdul Hadi Bin Abdul Samad scored eight points for O levels but instead of going to a junior college, he opted to pursue an engineering diploma which utilised his strengths in Math and Science.

While looking for a suitable course, he was attracted to the Diploma in Engineering Systems (DES) course at Singapore Polytechnic. What appealed to him the most was the balanced mix of mechanical and electrical engineering together with Design and Business modules that the course offered.
It was quite challenging for Abdul Hadi at the beginning as not only did he have to get used to project work and hands-on learning, he also had to pick up skills and knowledge in multiple disciplines. However, with the help of his caring and nurturing lecturers, he managed to overcome his learning difficulties to do well and gained confidence with each module that he took.

This newly gained confidence drove him to the decision to apply for the LTA Scholarship which he successfully received after going through an interview. The scholarship requires him to serve a one-year bond with SMRT.

Prior to this, Abdul Hadi has also interned at SMRT during his third year. During this period, he had the opportunity to pick up new programming skills on his own to create an application for the organisation that allowed them to store and manage the records of their employees.

This made him realise that it is important to constantly improve himself in order to adapt to new situations. It also provided him with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Singapore’s transportation system and the continuous hard work by the Engineers to ensure that the trains are running smoothly and safely.

With a deepened passion for contributing to the transportation sector, Abdul Hadi aims to work on the Singapore-Malaysia High-Speed Rail after he graduates. With SP, it's So Possible!

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