Automated Transporter 1819s1


This project see the design and development of an autonomous transporter that can transport a person with a payload in an indoor space. It meets a growing need for personal transportation in public places such as via electric powered scooters or hoverboards. It also meets the demand for personal transportation in indoor facilities where a vehicle can navigate and move to a specified destination. Path planning and collision avoidance ensures that the vehicle travels safely to a destination in a specified time frame.


The project features autonomous navigation and control, where the transporter can move to a pick up point upon remote request and transport the user to a selected destination. It incorporates navigation and anti collision sensors to cater for static and human traffic and allows for autonomous and manual driver control. The project is carried out in several phases to incorporate the various levels of autonomous control and applications.

automated transporter

Automated Transporter.

School: School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering

Course: Diploma in Mechatronics and Robotics

Supervisor: Tan Tuan Kiat

Students: Ng Shi Bin, Ng Kian Hong, Muhammad Raihan Bin Rahim, Syahidah Binte Mohamed Muliyadi, Ong Wee Jie Eddy

Industry Partner: SICK Product Center Asia Pte Ltd

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