Welcome to the MAE family!

  1. Please make sure you complete the steps stated on https://life.sp.edu.sg/fop/     
  2. Check our e-FRP content here


We also encourage you to check out our Student Survival Toolkit. 

Administrative Information for all MAE Freshmen

It is advisable to download the SP Mobile App as it gives you a single point of access to most commonly used tools for learning and working in SP. Through this app, you can also get useful information about SP.

  1. SP Mobile APP is available on App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Click on the URL link below to go through important instructional videos on IT security matters, Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) and Flipped Learning. You will need to acknowledge after watching the videos.


  3. Click on the link below to check which class you are assigned to.


    - Click on Personal > My Info (log in using your student ID & password)

  4.  All MAE Freshmen – Please click on the URL link below to complete a short freshmen survey. 


Home Based Learning (HBL)

Click on the link below to understand what HBL is and get to know the e-learning tools that are being used in SP. 


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