MAE Rises to New Heights (literally)

27 Sep 2016


A team of MAE students managed to set a new record for the Singapore Book of Records! A masterful display of rocket science was carried out with the V.BAD (Vertical Ballistic Accelerator Device), a rapid ascent vehicle that is propelled by common fluids without combustibles, pyrotechnics, and electricity.

Working against a narrow launch window and restrictive limits in available air and land space, the V.BAD vehicle flew to an altitude of approx. 250 feet (25 storeys) - the highest-flying rocket propelled by only common fluids.

The V.BAD is a Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering Final Year Project of students Lee Si Yuan, Cheng Chin Wee Darren, Goh Ee Liang, Hng Jian Zong Stantly, and Geraldine Tan Wei Tian, led by their supervisor Mr Leong Ying Wei. More details on this project can be found at the SP Engineering Show 2017 website.

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