Proving Her Abilities in Mechatronics

04 May 2016

In Berita Harian's, 3 May 2016 article on "Excellent Singapore Polytechnic Graduates", Nur Irza Tutty Roslan from the Diploma in Mechatronics and Robotics (DMRO) course, was one of the featured graduand.

She shared how the DMRO course was not her first choice and how she did not enjoy her studies initially. However, with the help of the course curriculum and nurturing lecturers like her course chair Mr Ho Sum Lim, she began to discover her confidence and passion for engineering. She subsequently interned at SICK Pte Ltd where she developed a series of sensors as part of her project. Her work was praised by her lecturer and supervisors and the company offered her an engineering job before her graduation.

Irza has taken up the job offer and will be going to Germany for training before starting her new job.

Click here for the part of the Berita Harisan (3 May 2016) article on Nur Irza Tutty Roslan.

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