This is SunSPEC5 !

25 Jul 2017

SunSPEC 5 is a solar-powered two-wheel-drive vehicle utilising 1.5-kilowatt high-efficiency direct-current motors. Finally unveiled to the public after 20-months in the making, it is able to achieve a top speed of 100 km/hr and is intended to compete in the upcoming World Solar Challenge 2017 race in Australia, come this October. Its sleek body is made from carbon-fibre-reinforced composites.    

The only entrant from Singapore, SunSPEC 5 will be competing against 30 other countries in the biennial Australian solar vehicle race, under the ‘Cruiser Class’ category. The race starts in Darwin and will end in Adelaide. The proud successor to SunSPEC 4 and SunSPEC 3, it represents the fourth time Singapore Polytechnic is entering the race.

This project is also the result of a five-year contract worth S$1M with SP Group, and it is hoped this tie-up will help groom participating students into engineers.
The SunSPEC Facebook page will be up-to-date with race developments:

Alongside their EEE counterparts, DMRO students played a crucial role in making the project happen. Trained and advised by their supervisors Mr Foo Fang Siong, and Dr Erwin Wouterson, their dedication can be seen in the quality of build and performance of SunSPEC 5. Top, from left to right: Krystal Wong Jie Ying, Lim Zheng Yuan, Lim Jia Ren, Sheryl Choo Ching Yee. Bottom, from left to right: Joel David Lim Jianyi, Sebert Fong, Kyle Woo, Phyo Min Han, Seow Jing Woon.

Mr Foo Fang Siong (pictured to the left), is the tireless assistant manager of SunSPEC since 2013. Chief designer of the vehicle’s styling, interior layout, structure, handling system, testing, and being also the key person handling field situations, logistics, and scheduling during the race, Mr Foo has many responsibilities and a very particular set of skills under his belt.

Taking up the role of SunSPEC’s main consultant and advisor for composite materials since 2015, Dr Erwin Wouterson (pictured to the right), is also playing key roles in vehicle road tests, structural integrity studies, and in logistics planning for the race. He will also be key in handling the lead vehicle during the race.
Dr Erwin has also managed to secure sponsorship of carbon fibre from Sigmatex and tyres from Bridgestone Japan, with a combined total worth in excess of SGD$100000.

SunSPEC 5 would also not be possible without the help of Mr Choy Fook Seng in raising funds and sponsorship.

The SunSPEC team would also like to extend their gratitude (in no particular order) to Mr Tan Tuan Kiat, Mdm Goh Poh Choo, Mr Thevaraja Ramu, Mr Azmi Hamid, Mr Sng Teck Keong, Mr Alan Mok, Mr Poh Yew Guan, Mr Poh Yew Guan, Mr Ang Boon Thiam, Mr Benedict Lim, Mr Edward Tey, and Mr Mohammad Zali for lending help when the team really needed it.


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