Toy Design Competition 2018

21 Jan 2018

Toy Design Competition 2018 is organised by the Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering.

For this year, the Toy Design Competition will have 2 categories to compete in:


This competition is an exciting activity that provides a platform for students to challenge their creativity and skills in designing fascinating animated mechanical toy sculptures called Automata.

Automata originated from the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre (CMT), a highly acclaimed travelling exhibition originated from the UK that combines the work of Arts, Science and Technology. Nearly all of the work in the CMT collection is humorous. These mechanical toy sculptures showcase the fine art of engineering and are valued highly in the collectors’ circle. They can be brought to life by cranking a handle to move a shaft mounted with a series of machine parts such as cams, gears, linkages, belts and pulleys, ratchets, etc. which are in turn connected to the various parts of the sculptures to produce the desired movement.

More details, including rules and regulations, can be found here (PDF file).

*Link to registration form:

This category challenges you to unleash creativity on the playground scene in Singapore.

The playground has been an integral part of a child’s life in their early childhood years. It is a place where children learn through play, strengthen motor skills and interact with one another. However, the playground around us lack interactive features and new ideas that allow children to exercise more of their creativity, teamwork and motor skills.

By using 3D CAD modelling software, students can combine their creativity with science and
technology to quickly create and modify their models in 3D. Most importantly, the skills acquired
during the competition will provide students with the basic knowledge of digital fabrication and
enable them to create beautiful desktop display models using 3D printing or 2D slicing technology.

More details, including rules and regulations, can be found here (PDF file).

*Link to registration form:

*Registrations start 1st February 2018.



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