MAE sets Singapore Record and possibly World Record too!

07 Jan 2019


A team of MAE students accomplished 3 engineering feats on 7th Jan 2019, in a live demonstration endorsed by Singapore Book of Records. Using their FYP (titled MAD : Mechanical Accelerator Device), they launched a ping pong ball at an amazing speed of 833 m/s or Mach 2.43 and broke the following records:
1) previous Singapore Record of 428 m/s, held by MAE since 2015.
2) Mach 2 sound barrier of 686 m/s.
3) current Guinness World Record of 806 m/s held by USA, the team is in progress of applying for GWR endorsement.

Congratulations to Bryan Chong Jia Xu, Teo Shao Zun, Phua Shin Zert and their supervisor, Mr. Leong Ying Wei. 
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