Technology Offer: Active-assisted Arm Brace

29 Apr 2018

techOffer Apr2018

The present invention relates to a device that is designed to assist with upper limb rehabilitation, and allows the clinician to diagnose and make objective assessment on the rehabilitation progress.

The device utilizes biofeedback and intelligent controls to help patients undergo muscle stretching for 1) active-assisted therapy to strengthen the upper arm through self-initiated and self-directed voluntary exercise with visual feedback for interactive therapy, 2) passive therapy by providing continuous range of motion (CPM) and 3) thermotherapy to increase muscles stretch ability and reduce pain.

The device allows clinicians to make objective assessment of each therapy session by providing real-time diagnostic information. When equipped with remote monitoring and assessment, it also allows clinicians to assess patients remotely. The innovation has full potential to be adapted for homebased upper limb rehabilitation usage.

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