Augmented Reality (AR) for Machine Shop-floor IIoT

AR MC shopfloorStudent showcased IoT app for monitoring machine status.

AR MC shopfloorAugmented Reality (AR) of the machine's control panel.

The machine status and maintenance records in many workshops are retrieved manually by technicians onsite. This is both time consuming and inefficient as anomalies on such machines could be left undetected if they are not supervised closely.

In addition, the maintenance could be improperly carried out as physical copies of maintenance manuals may contain instructions that are complex to follow.  It would also be inconvenient for technicians to carry these manuals around. ​

The aim of this project is to create a mobile application which performs real-time data acquisition of the machine status of SP’s machine workshops, displaying it on mobile devices for easy visualization by workshop personnel within the campus.

Augmented Reality (AR) is used to guide users through the maintenance procedures, performed by overlaying computer-generated models onto actual CNC machines.

​​Real-time information from CNC machines in Singapore Polytechnic, collated within the mobile application, allows users to access them from anywhere. The guide-maintenance procedures with AR make it easy and intuitive for users to perform maintenance work quickly and effectively.

Project video


Sufyan Zainalabidin


Lim Jun Wee , Abdul Rahman Bin Mansur, Eng Boon Yuan, Keith Tan Yu Kang


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering



SP Sustainability Matters