Industry 4.0 Mini Station for Smart Factory

Industry 4.0 Mini Station for Smart Factory is a project which showcases the mechatronic system used in a typical factory for production. It has electro-pneumatic components, motors and Programmable Logic Controllers to control the overall operation. Coupled with some of the I4.0 technologies such as MQTT, EtherCAT, IO-link sensors and Structured Database, the automation station can be monitored and controlled remotely over computer and smartphone. This station can be used to test various concepts of I4.0 with real life applications on pneumatic cylinder automation as well as stepper motor operations for pick-and-place.


Elfred Wee


Siah Qin Xian Sean | Ian Ng | Jovian Lim Zheng Yuan | Chew Po-Chin


Diploma in Mechatronics & Robotics