Aeronautical Technology

The Aero Hub houses a collection of Aircraft Systems and Power Plant for hands-on learning and application.


  • Full Motion Flight Simulation with interchangeable F16 Cockpit and Boeing 737 Commercial Dual Control Column Cockpit
  • Mini-size Afterburner Section for Gas Turbine Jet Engine
  • New VTOL UAV system
  • Fleet of aircraft - A4SU Super Hawk Aircraft, Cessna 310 Aircraft, Cessna 172 and UH1H Helicopter


The Bioengineering Hub studies the behaviours and characteristics of the human body by precisely measuring bio-mechanical parameters such as force, pressure distribution, deformation, motion and physiological signals. An array of R&D instruments and software are available to build animated models of the human form. Bone stress and muscle activity can be studied to improve ergonomics in industrial design as well as prevent injury in sportswear and athletic equipment.


  • VICON 3D Optical Motion Capture system
  • Non-Contact 3D Surface Scanner systems for Human Body Scan and Reverse Engineering
  • Tekscan F-Scan Mobile Foot Pressure measurement system
  • Kistler Piezoelectric force plates
  • Noraxon Telemetric Electromyography (EMG) system
  • CSMI HUMAC Isokinetic system
  • Dewetron and National Instruments (NI) Data Acquisition systems
  • Head mounted display
  • Data gloves
  • Cortex Metalyser
  • MyTobii
  • SmartWheel
  • Infra red motion capture system
  • Electromagnetic motion capture system
  • 3D cameras

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) & Simulation

The CAE & Simulation Lab provides advanced simulation support to various industries to predict structural and thermal/flow behaviours subjected to "what-if" scenarios. Coupled with instrumented testing and material characterisation, the simulation capabilities have been greatly enhanced to moving towards realistic simulations as well as to improve the robustness and reliability of the design.


  • CAE capabilities (linear or non-linear static, modal, dynamic frequency response, transient drop, flow and thermal analyses)
  • Structural Testing (Instrumented structural testing, material characterisation & modelling)
  • CAE Software (Abaqus, Femap/ NxNastran, CFDesign)

Environment & Energy Systems

The Air-conditioning and Cleanroom Laboratory provides air-conditioning, refrigeration and cleanroom setups equipped with teaching facilities for HEPA/ULPA filters cleanroom equipment hands-on testing and maintenance.



Air-Data multimeter for cleanroom air ventilation & environment control & calibration, to measure the velocity of airflow, pressure and temperature, with the following technical specifications:

  • a) Accuracy is ±3% for air velocity at the range, 0.15 to 25 m/s
  • b) Pressure is ±2% accuracy inches of Mercury (in Hg), maximum 60 psi
  • c) Temperature is ±0.3 °C

Mechanical Technology

The Machine Development Centre undertakes conceptualisation-to-commissioning of design, prototype and assembly of production machines.

Many machines have been successfully developed for industries such as computer drives, mobile phones and the latest gadgets. Apart from projects in Singapore, customers also hail from Malaysia, Thailand and China.


  • iCollect (Automated Passport Dispensing System)
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Training System (CIM)
  • CNC Milling Training System
  • Hard Disk Filtration Assembly Machine
  • Vision Inspection Machine
  • Precision Engineering and Mechatronics Training Kit
  • Servo Motor Training Kit

Precision Engineering

The CNC Machine Shop provides CAM & precision machining facilities for the design and fabrication of toolings such as injection moulds and dies.


  • 5-axis CNC TurnMill Mazak Integrex 200-III
  • 3-axis CNC Vertical Machining Centre
  • DMC 70V hi-dyn CNC High Speed Machining Centre
  • 100 tonne Demag Injection Moulding Machine
  • Sodic CNC EDM Die Sinking & Wire-Cut Machine
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