Aero Hub

The Aero Hub is a four-storey building that houses an aircraft hangar, laboratories and Research & Development centre to provide training facilities to students and industry partners.

List of equipment that we have:

Olympus IPLEX NX

olympus iplex NX

Digital Fabrication Tech Center 1


Our Digital Fabrication Tech Center 1 houses computer facilities for the students to study about CNC coding and develop G-codes for the CNC machines. Once programming for the CNC machines is accomplished, students test their codes on the actual CNC machines.

The fabricated parts are measured and gauged using the various measuring and gauging equipment located in the center.

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Digital Reverse Engineering

Digital Reverse Engineering utilizes 3D digitizing technology to reconstruct physical parts in to CAD models, which can be used for design, optimization, inspection, model deviation/comparison, 3D printing and more.


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Rapid Prototyping Laboratory


Our Rapid Prototyping Laboratory houses several 3D printing machines that are capable to produce accurate models for industrial applications.

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Materials Laboratory


The MAE Materials Laboratory contains a range of specialised equipment for examining and understanding the properties of engineering materials. The well-equipped laboratory includes advanced microscopy equipment for examining materials at extremely fine sale and perform mechanical property testing for properties such as impact resistance, creep and fatigue behavior and hardness.

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