Materials Laboratory

The MAE Materials Laboratory contains a range of specialised equipment for examining and understanding the properties of engineering materials. The well-equipped laboratory includes advanced microscopy equipment for examining materials at extremely fine sale and perform mechanical property testing for properties such as impact resistance, creep and fatigue behavior and hardness.

YXLON MU2000 Industrial X-ray System

The YXLON MU2000 is a robust, reliable industrial X-ray and CT inspection system which delivers brilliant image quality with digital flat-panel detector and highly dynamic radioscopy.

JEOL Scanning Electron Microscope

The JEOL JSM-5600LV is able to operate in low vacuum (LV) mode, which is ideal for observing and analyzing specimens that have not been coated with a conductive carbon or gold layer using a sputter-coater. This allows greater range of materials for instance non-conductive materials such as composites, polymers and ceramics to be examined without the need for pre-treatment.

Olympus BX53M Industrial Microscope

Designed for Industrial and materials science applications, the Olympus BX53M is integrated with OLYMPUS Stream software, providing seamless workflow for standard microscopy and digital imaging users from imaging to report creation.

Olympus BX41M Microscope system

Olympus BX41M Metallurgical Microscope system 8-position universal condenser for use in brightfield, darkfield, Phase Contrast, polarization, and DIC (Nomarski) allows continuous observation over the wide magnification range of 1.25x-100x without condenser change.

INSTRON CEAST 9050 Impact Pendulum

The CEAST 9050 impact pendulum is designed for determining the resilience of thermoplastic materials to impact. Tests conform to internationally recognized standards belonging to Charpy, Izod, Pipe and Tensile Impact methods, ranging in energy from 0.5 - 50J. Plastics, composites and metals can be tested using various configurations of the 9050 pendulum.

INSTRON 3367 Universal Testing System

The 3367 Dual Column Tabletop Testing Systems is ideal for tension and/or compression applications where tests are less than 50 kN (11,250 lbf).

NETZSCH DSC 214 Polyma Differential Scanning Calorimeter

The DSC 214 Polyma Differential Scanning Calorimeter (-170 °C to 600 °C) comes equipped with the Arena® furnace and Corona® sensor and delivers a powerful solution for the research, development, quality assurance and failure analysis of polymer materials.

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