Koh Shi Min

The Bio Factor Way to Success
As a secondary school student, Koh Shi Min already had a fascination for biology. She did her research on the polytechnic courses and decided, even before her ‘O’ levels, that Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Biomedical Science was her dream course. In fact, she was so determined to join SP that she applied under the Direct Polytechnic Admission exercise. To ensure that she gets the course, she worked hard and eventually joined SP with an impressive score of just five points from her G.C.E ‘O’ level examinations. For her outstanding results, she was awarded the SP Scholarship, the Howe Yoon Chong PSA Scholarship and also nurtured under the SP Outstanding Talent (SPOT) programme.

Life was not easy for this petite alumna from Pei Hwa Secondary School. She came from a humble family which leads a frugal and simple life. Her parents did not set any expectations on her but she understood that education is a pathway to a better future. Shi Min tried not to put too much financial pressure on her parents by working part-time while studying at SP. She took up jobs as waitress and sales assistant until she did her internship at the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics during her second year. The internship was offered as part of her Diploma-Plus programme in Phlebotomy. Her performance impressed her supervisor and she was offered a part-time position as a locum medical technician which offers better pay and flexible hours. More importantly, she learned things that were relevant to her diploma course.

One of the highlights in her SP Experience was her final year project which was selected for exhibition at the annual SP Engineering Show. The excitement heightened when she found out that her team’s project might be published in a scientific journal!

Despite having to juggle studies and work, Shi Min still found time to give herself a holistic experience during her SP days. She was involved in the Health Mapping Exercise organised by the School of Chemical and Life Sciences which provides health checks for the lesser communities. To broaden her vision, she went on community trips to China and Vietnam where she taught English to kids and gave lessons on hygiene to the villagers. Her active participation in CCA earned her the Gold with Honours Award.

Shi Min graduates with a near perfect GPA. She has been accepted by the National University of Singapore’s Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and is on her way to fulfilling her aspiration to become a doctor. In the long run, she would strive for a place in a graduate medical school thereafter.

For all it takes, she wants to be a champion for the human body.


Lee Kuan Yew Award
Shell Companies in Singapore Prize
Alfred Robert Edis Prize
Health Sciences Authority Award
Biomed Diagnostics Gold Medal
OCBC Prize