Ong Yong Lin

Programmed for success
How does a mobile app that allows you to buy and sell second-hand textbook sounds to you? Developed by Ong Yong Lin, this app won the first prize in the inaugural SP Mobile Festival where students develop useful mobile apps for learning. He is now fine-tuning the programming for this app and hopes to publish it on App Store later this year. This is not Yong Lin’s only win in programming competition. Together with his team mates, he participated in the Google Innovation and Enterprise Challenge and clinched the first prize with their web-based SP map project.

During his final year, Yong Lin and fellow SP students from the SP Outstanding Talent (SPOT) programme initiated a children book project called “Stories For Kids” where the proceeds went to the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund. In his first year, he also went to the Philippines to install electrical wiring in classrooms and houses in a village.

These are some examples of how Yong Lin has put to good use the skills and knowledge acquired from his Diploma in Engineering with Business course. When he was a student at Riverside Secondary School, he shopped around for an engineering diploma course that would give him some business fundamentals as he hopes to be an entrepreneur in future. So it seemed like a godsend when SP launched this course during the year he took his ‘O’ levels. Therefore, Singapore’s first polytechnic became his first choice and he now graduates as the top student in the course.

As a SP student, he benefitted not only from the holistic learning experience but caring lecturers who spotted his talent and went all out to help him. He wanted to take part in an Android competition as he had a deep interest in the subject. When his lecturer found out, he offered Yong Lin a mobile phone and also supplied him with a list of Android book titles that he could borrow from the Library. He credits his success to the team of caring lecturers from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering who motivated him throughout his three years in SP.

Yong Lin’s internship took him to Motorola Mobility where he worked alongside talented engineers and got to play with the latest mobile gadgets. He helped to develop a mobile application to simplify the information access protocol within the organisation. It turns out to be a successful application, winning the praises from the management team. The experience reaffirmed his interest in programming and he harbours a dream to study computer science in the university after SP.

His dream has come true. This SP Scholar and Model Student Award winner has been offered places to study Computer Science in both Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore. With his near perfect GPA, he hopes to land a scholarship that could take him to the United States to pursue a Masters’ degree programme.

Engineering or business in future? He has the best of both worlds!


Lee Kuan Yew Award
Shell Companies in Singapore Prize
Motorola Prize
SMRT Gold Medal
OCBC Prize
Ya Kun International Prize