Song Shang Qian

The Health and Wellness Guru
With nine As from his G.C.E ‘O’ level examinations, Song Shang Qian has wide options for his post- secondary education. He ranked a top junior college as his first choice and SP as his second choice. However, he decides to remain true to his passion towards health and nutrition and chose to study the Diploma in Nutrition Health and Wellness (DNHW) at Singapore Polytechnic which was launched three years ago. SP is also the only polytechnic to offer this course.

Perhaps it was due to his mother’s influence that he took this path. She would borrow books on nutrition from the library so as to understand healthy eating. Every home-cooked meal has a protein dish, a vegetable dish, brown rice and sometimes with soup. He did not get to taste fast foods until he was a secondary school student because his mother did not allow her children to eat them. By then, Shang Qian had already gotten used to healthy food that fried chicken and burgers became unappealing. He was already harbouring thoughts to become a dietician in future!

Shang Qian, who joined SP from Woodlands Ring Secondary School, did not just restrict himself to getting knowledge on health and nutrition from his modules. He tried to take part in as many activities that would be useful to his course, such as health fair, blood donation drive, brisk walking campaign, and conferences or forums related to nutritional issues. So active is his CCA participation that he earned the Gold with Honours Award.

As a SP Scholar, Shang Qian took part in leadership camps which he said has broadened his horizons and gave him opportunities to interact with people from other countries. He went on a community service trip to Cambodia where he was touched by the willingness to learn amongst the kids whom he taught English to. With other DNHW students, this Model Student Award winner also conducted health screening and cooked rice-soup which was considered a luxurious meal to the villagers.

During his polytechnic vacation, he became a Teaching Intern at a secondary school where he taught Food and Nutrition and Home Economics. For his internship programme, Shang Qian went to the Massey University in New Zealand, renowned for its food science degree programme, and did some research work.

After his national service, Shang Qian, who scored a perfect GPA, will pursue a degree in Dietetics under a scholarship from the Ministry of Health. Thereafter, he hopes to become either a teacher or a health advocator specialising in child nutrition. He is also pretty sure that he would go all the way to get a doctorate degree too!

Yes, all the way, our future wellness guru!


Chua Chor Teck Gold Medal
Shell Companies in Singapore Prize
Singapore Food Manufacturers' Association Gold Medal