Wong Yan Ting

The new age marketer
For the ever effervescent Wong Yan Ting, the Diploma in Media and Communication was the perfect fit for her after her ‘O’ level examinations. She made it her first choice even though most of her classmates chose the junior college route. She knew that this diploma course was focused on integrated marketing communications and not just journalism and was exactly what she had wanted. Her father, an SP alumnus, supported her choice.

At the end of her three years in SP, she is now well-equipped with the skills that would hold her in good stead in any media or marketing outfit. In her own words, she is proud and thankful for her choice and has never looked back.

Her journey as a SP Scholar could not have been more happening. When she was a first-year student, she went on a cultural exchange visit to Japan. During her second year, she and her course mates spent months researching on cyber bullying for the Centre for Social Media under the School of Communication, Arts and Social Sciences. The team presented their findings to a large media turnout that included ChannelNewsAsia, The Straits Times, Yahoo and Lianhe Zaobao.

In the same year, she attended as a delegate leader the United Nations Model Conference held in Princeton University, United States, which was attended by tertiary students from all over the world. This is a special programme offered to students under the SP Outstanding Talent (SPOT) programme where they are nurtured for leadership roles. In her final-year, she was made the President of the SP Student Exchange Club.

For two years in a row, the ex-student from Ngee Ann Secondary School was actively involved as a member of the Marketing and Communications Team for Halloween Horrors where they initiated creative media campaigns to hype up the event to the youth segment.

Community involvement is not left out in Yan Ting’s SP experience. This Model Student Award winner went on a trip to Bangladesh to help set up recycled computers and shared IT skills with the local students. The short seven-day trip invoked deep reflections on her mindset and opened up her heart to be more accepting and giving.

Her internship with Division Communications, a marketing agency, gave her hands-on experience to plan and execute fashion shows, guerilla activities, product launches and exhibitions for brands like Clarke Quay, H&M, Nokia and TopShop. She enjoyed the adrenalin pumping work pace and is now motivated even to set up her own marketing consultancy company in future.

Yan Ting is eager to further her education in communication or marketing related degree courses either locally or overseas. She has on offer the Nanyang Scholarship from the Nanyang Technological University, as well as a place at the University of Liverpool.

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Toh Chin Chye Gold Medal
Media Development Authority Gold Medal
Shell Companies in Singapore Prize