My heartiest congratulations to all of you graduating from Singapore Polytechnic.  You are now work ready, life ready and most excitingly, world ready! 

When I first spoke to you during your Freshmen Orientation Programme three years ago, I encouraged you to seize opportunities in the polytechnic and live an enriching learning experience in SP.

I am very happy that you have done that.  You went beyond academic pursuits during your three years here to participate actively in CCAs, competitions, overseas programmes and service to the community.  I am specially touched by many who have pursued passionately in causes that you believe in; whether in championing for a greener environment, creating hope for the less fortunate, setting up a business venture or charting an unfamiliar path to do something different.

The heart to serve is very well inculcated in you.  While we equipped you with the knowledge and skills to enhance your employability and lay the foundation for further studies, we hope you will also use them to serve your community and the country.  I am very heartened to know that some of you have even carried on the community projects that you were involved earlier in your own capacity.  The motivation to do so is from the heart, which also means that you will give your best.  This should be the spirit.  I hope you will always remember this while you continue your pursuit to become the next successful architect, banker, businessman, engineer, scientist or entrepreneur.  Always position your heart to serve. 

The SP journey is a truly holistic one and you are a living testimony.  I hope we have given you an experience that you will remember for a long time.  I encourage you to pen down your SP memories – it could be the jubilation of completing your final year project or friendships cultivated at an overseas trip.  Or a lecturer who has helped you tremendously in your studies.  Whether it is just a photograph or a paragraph, they are your most memorable experiences of your SP days.  Deposit your memories at or  These will be collated and exhibited on various platforms when we celebrate SP@60 in 2014.

Once again, my heartiest congratulations to you, the SP graduate.  I am proud to see all of you leaving SP as confident young men and women ready to face the future.

Tan Hang Cheong
Singapore Polytechnic