Alethea Joy Han Hui En

The Scent of Success

When Alethea Han was four years old, she soaked some rose petals into water in her first attempt to create a rose perfume. It did not work that way, she realised. Nevertheless, it did not dampen her love for fragrance and she continued collecting and researching about perfumery as she grew older.

During her last year in Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary), she discovered Singapore Polytechnic would be launching a new course called Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science (DPCS) and immediately knew that it was what she wanted to do. Without hesitation, that became her first choice after her G.C.E ‘O’ Level examinations, even though her parents did not quite approve of her decision and were hoping she would go to junior college and become a doctor.

Today, Alethea’s parents are very proud of their daughter’s outstanding achievements in SP and they even tell their friends to send their children here. They were impressed that even after Alethea had completed her last semester, the lecturers continued to help her by giving advice on university options, writing testimonials and preparing her for admission interviews.

Alethea, a recipient of the Model Student Award, was exposed to a host of opportunities in SP, locally and overseas, which developed her character and strengthened her passion in science. Among them was the six-week internship at Oxford University during her second year where she was attached to the Chemistry Research Laboratory working on a project involving organic synthesis. She did a second internship with a French perfumer, Philippe Barberousse, at Sillage Aromatique, a local fragrance creation and manufacturing company, who went on to mentor her group’s Final Year Project, for which they created a series of floral fragrances.

Don’t be fooled by Alethea’s feminine persona when you meet her. The young lady holds a black belt in karate and was the Team Captain in the SP Goju-Ryu Karate Club (Female) and the first DPCS Student Council President. She was also a dancer and competitive figure skater in secondary school.

Last year, Alethea went to Thailand for a community service trip with her church team which provided medical treatment to villagers who could not visit the doctor as the nearest clinic was too far away. It moved her to see the villagers waiting so patiently for hours, despite the harsh sun and weather conditions. This year, she will return to do the same.

Alethea has secured places with local and overseas universities. She will most likely take up a chemistry degree at the University of Edinburgh where she could proceed directly to the second year.

A decade from now, she sees herself as a homegrown perfumer rolling out fine fragrance creations. We are certainly sure that Alethea will be bathing in the sweet scent of success in the years to come!


Chua Chor Teck Gold Medal
Lubrizol Gold Medal
Shell Companies In Singapore Prize
Ajinomoto Singapore Award
Croda Singapore Award
Procter & Gamble Singapore Award
Taytonn Award