James Ng Junhao

Visualising his dreams into reality

Spending his childhood in his parents’ shop-house that doubles as a photo developing laboratory and video rental business exposed James Ng to different media mediums at a young age. James would be amazed at how images came alive as photos were being developed in the dark room.

Inspired by the ‘magic’ of how photos can be captured to tell a story, James joined the Infocomm Club when he was in Nan Hua High School – a school he managed to get into after an appeal despite a lower PSLE score. Striving hard, James was promoted to the special stream and was offered a place in the National Junior College (NJC) Integrated Programme at the end of secondary two.

Barely half a day through NJC’s orientation programme, James decided that the JC route was not for him. He decided to transfer back to Nan Hua High School as he was grateful to the school for nurturing him during the past two years. By then, he was exposed to the thought of how media technology can be used to improve the lives of mankind and society that he decided to apply and study for SP’s Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics via the Direct Polytechnic Admission programme.

James didn’t regret the decision as not only was he able to conjure his own visual effects ‘magic’ at last, but he could also do so under a SP scholarship! As part of SP’s holistic education, James had the opportunity to write the script, direct and edit a Malay short film titled ‘Merah’ for his final year project. The feat was all the more impressive as the team he led had no Malays and had to rely on research, determination and support from the Singapore Malay Film Society and Malay Art Gallery. This invaluable and unique experience taught him the importance of community resilience and racial harmony.

During his time at SP, James did not only learn about visual effects. Under the SP Outstanding Talent programme, he had the chance to develop his character during a community service trip to Telunas, Indonesia. There, James had the chance to assist in the laying of bricks for a school building.

Further away from Singapore, James completed his five month internship with the Center for Research in Engineering, Media and Performance at the University of California, Los Angeles, under the prestigious National University of Singapore – Media Development Authority of Singapore Hollywood Attachment Programme.

James graduates with an additional Diploma-Plus in Business and has been offered places at both Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore to commence his Art, Design and Media degree or Arts and Social Sciences degree respectively.

Stay tuned for the credits as James could be involved in creating the next Hollywood blockbuster!


Tan Kay Yong Gold Medal
Media Development Authority Gold Medal
The Stunt Production Award