Walter Tan

An eventful time at SP

Waving light-sticks in the air and shouting till you are hoarse are common practices during a concert or meet the fans session with the hottest pop star. Not many people will realise the challenges faced by a production crew in executing a flawless event: Unless you are Walter Tan.

An avid concert goer since his North Vista Secondary School days, Walter was always amazed by how concerts were staged. After three eventful years at SP, the Diploma in Integrated Events and Project Management graduate has a deeper understanding of the nuts and bolts behind a concert as well as the sweat and tears involved.

For his internship, Walter joined Division Communications, an events and marketing agency, where he conceptualized, planned and executed events for clients like Nike, Citibank and H&M. During his internship, Walter was given a reality check when he realised how fast-paced and challenging the events industry was. The stress and tough demands from his clients and supervisors almost got to him and he thought of giving up. However, Walter was fuelled by his passion to start an events company by the age of 35 and he persevered through his internship.

Life at SP was not just about events as Walter was also exposed to community service work for the first time. On a two week community service trip to Shanxi province in China, Walter taught English to the children. Although the classroom facilities were basic, the children were happy and grateful for a chance to learn. Despite the short time spent with the locals, Walter was touched by how happy and close-knit they were despite having little material possessions that he promised to make meaningful contributions to society on his return.

Another highlight of Walter’s SP experience was his participation in the Youth Creativity, Innovation and Sustainable Leadership programme at Stanford University. The overseas programme allowed Walter to develop leadership skills as he had to lead a team of classmates to design an environmentally friendly product within a short timeframe.

Graduating with an additional Diploma-Plus in Business, Walter has secured a place at the National University of Singapore to further his studies in Business. He is also waiting for a similar offer from the Singapore Management University.

Look out for Walter the next time you are at an event or concert.


Lee Kuan Yew Award
Singapore Tourism Board Gold Medal
Shell Companies In Singapore Prize
Banyan Tree Global Foundation Prize
Division Communications Prize
OCBC Prize
Sentosa 4D Magix Prize