Principal and CEO's Message

Today, you are experiencing a very special moment in your life. It is the culmination of your three-year education journey with Singapore’s first polytechnic!

I am very heartened to see that each and every one of you has run a good race and has had an enriching experience in SP. Many of you have gone beyond academic pursuits and made a difference by participating in meaningful causes during your time in the polytechnic. I encourage you to continue with the good work and care for the community even after your graduation.
You should be proud of yourself for successfully completing your diploma and joining the ranks of over 170,000 who have graduated from SP since the sixties. Like them, you are now ready to move on to a new phase in life. You probably ask yourself – should I start my career or should I get a degree?  

The skillsets that you have acquired in SP will stand you in good stead when you apply for jobs.

I know some of you have even secured jobs with the companies that you interned at. I have also heard of our graduates being offered jobs when they exhibited their projects at graduation shows. There are also many of you who have clinched places in universities with scholarships, even before you finished your last semester!

This shows the strength of the SP diploma and our education framework. We prepare and groom you well for the future – be it work or further studies.

From the day you step into SP as a freshman, we are committed to educate you to be work-ready, life-ready and world-ready, and to position your heart to serve.

That is our vision and I hope you can already share the vision when you step out of the campus.

Once again, my heartiest congratulations to you, the SP graduate. Remember, you are ready to face the world and make an impact because with SP, it’s always so possible.


Tan Choon Shian
Principal and CEO
Singapore Polytechnic

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