Speech by Mr Eddie Chau

THURSDAY, 16 MAY 2013, 2.00PM (SESSION 2)

Mr Tan Choon Shian
Principal, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Polytechnic

Distinguished Guests

Parents and Graduands

Staff of Singapore Polytechnic

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ms Chong Phit Lian
SP Board of Governors,

Mr Tan Choon Shian
Principal & CEO, Singapore Polytechnic,

Distinguished Guests,

Parents and Graduands,

Staff of Singapore Polytechnic,

Ladies and gentlemen,

  1. It is my pleasure to join you at Singapore Polytechnic’s 53rd Graduation Ceremony.  I share the joy and excitement of your parents and lecturers who are here with you.  Today marks a significant milestone for you who graduate from the diplomas in Information Technology, Business IT, Infocomm Security Management and Digital Media.  My heartiest congratulations to all of you.  You must be proud to join the ranks of the largest polytechnic alumni body in Singapore with numbers that will exceed 170,000 this year.  You must also be proud to be joining the Infocomm industry.

  2. The Infocomm industry is dynamic as infocomm becomes increasingly pervasive and integrated in every aspect of our lives.  As new technologies emerge, the potential for growth and opportunities are immense.  Today, the demand for infocomm manpower remains strong and is growing steadily.  Based on IDA’s Annual Survey on Infocomm Manpower, the number of manpower employed was 142,900 in 2011.  You are well positioned today to be a part of this industry that looks bright and promising.

Acquiring Technology Know-hows

  1. Singapore Polytechnic has provided you with a good head-start to join the Infocomm industry with the necessary technology know-hows.  The School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT) has close collaborations with industry partners like e-Cop and Brandtology among others to impart relevant and emerging technologies to students.

  2. I understand that DMIT and e-Cop have established the region’s first Cyberwatch Competency Centre exclusively dedicated to training students in cyber warfare and cyber security skills.  Students will have the opportunity to work together with e-Cop on real-world cyber security projects to acquire market-relevant experience and be groomed to be the next generation of cyber security innovators.  I also understand that DMIT and Brandtology are currently collaborating on some social media projects.

  3. I am pleased that the two companies that I have founded – e-Cop and Brandtology are playing our part in contributing to the development of the DMIT students in emerging technologies.

Using Technology for the Good of Society

  1. Technology can do amazing things.  It can boost productivity and increase efficiency.  However, technology in the hands of passionate people can do more – it can be used to enrich and impact the lives of people.  I am very heartened to hear that you have already used technology for the good of the community and in the service of humanity.

  2. For example, some of you have developed the Lifeline Mobile Application in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).  This application focuses on the operations of the SCDF paramedics and aims to save more lives during crises.  It enhances the communication process between paramedics and the A&E doctors.  Through information sharing of the casualty’s past medical records, it allows appropriate treatment of the casualty to commence even on the way to the hospital.  The application also allows integration with the Electrocardiography machine and provides access to paramedic protocols, World Health Organization notices and updates on real time traffic conditions. 

  3. Lifeline won the heart of the people and the Gold award in the Singapore infocomm Technology Federation Awards 2012 in the Student-Tertiary Category.  Subsequently, those of you who developed this application represented Singapore at the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards held in Brunei in Dec 2012.

  4. Lifeline has the potential to be implemented in the Emergency Response Department of Airline Services, Early Childhood Professionals, Private Hospices, Organizations for the Special Needs, Organization for the Elderly.  Kudos to you who have a heart to serve humanity with technology!

  5. Another project worthy of mention is the MediJournal project.  Some of you were concerned that patients on multiple medications and complex dosage schedules were not taking medication accordingly.  Health care professionals estimated that only one in two adheres strictly to their medication regime and about only 40% for persons aged 60 and above do so. You initiated the MediJournal project to develop a medication reminder application that enables family members to check whether their elderly or loved ones have taken their medication correctly.  The application comes with an automatic scheduling feature and the ability to retrieve the patient’s medical information.

  6. Your MediJournal project won the Championship in the Now You Can Leadership Series 2 in the Helping Humans category – in recognition of its impact on human lives and usefulness in our aging population.  I understand that the doctor from Tan Tock Seng hospital who worked with you is currently gathering feedback and conducting a feasibility test.  With such tremendous benefits, I am positive that many hospitals will adopt your application.

  7. With your vast technological knowledge, I hope you will continue as you join the Infocomm industry to make a difference in the lives of others through innovative and creative use of technology.

Seizing Opportunities

  1. Technology is ever evolving and increasingly so at a faster pace.  There are always emerging technologies at the horizon, for example, Internet-of-Things, Gesture Computing, Big Data Analytics.  With the infocomm skills you learnt in DMIT, you are well positioned to thrive in this rapidly changing technological landscape.  Just as Mark Zuckerberg who changes the way we communicate, socialise and do businesses in less than one generation, you can also change the way we live, work and play in unprecedented ways.

  2. Seize every opportunity as it presents itself.  You have to grab the opportunity when it is there.  If you keep on waiting, you will never start.  Be persistent, committed, not afraid to try and you will succeed in improving the quality of life and transforming lives with technology.


  1. In closing, let me congratulate all of you once again on your graduation.  I encourage you to pursue your infocomm career with vigor and boldness.  It is an exciting and challenging profession where you will have the opportunity to create new things, attain your potential and fulfill your aspirations.  It could be where you can make a difference and positively impact the workplace, society and the world.  I wish you every success in all your endeavours. Thank you.
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