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My heartiest congratulations to the Class of 2014! I hope your journey in Singapore Polytechnic (SP) has been one that is filled with many memorable moments that will linger fondly in your minds for a long time.[ Read More ]

Indra Faridzuan Bin Runzi

Paving his success amidst the greenery

During his Clementi Town Secondary School days, Indra Faridzuan would only embrace art lessons and ignore mathematics and science subjects. He would easily drift into daydreaming in class but feel alive the moment he was outdoors, especially in parks and reservoirs. To put it simply, he did only what he liked.

This lack of interest in mathematics, science and other subjects was a big factor in landing Indra in the Normal (Academic) stream. Fortunately, his genuine interest in art kept him engaged at school and motivated to think about his future. His love for greenery and cityscapes also fuelled his artistic drive, although teachers did remark on how he seemed to spend too much time sketching backgrounds instead of the main focus of a piece when it came to drawings. Despite these passions though, he still didn’t see a clear path in the future.

This changed when Indra visited Open House at Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and found out about the Diploma in Landscape Architecture. The course combined his two loves - nature and art. A new goal unveiled itself to him, and Indra decided he would put in his fullest to qualify for the course, which he did eventually.

The informed choice paid off handsomely three years later, due to a combination of hard work and a clear focus on his goals. This SP Scholar and Model Student Award winner has done exceedingly well. He was also nurtured under the SP talent management programme.

During his SP journey, Indra was also active in community service programmes in Singapore, China and Taiwan, serving the elderly, the mentally challenged, and other less-privileged communities. Though his trip to China to help build sanitation facilities for a village was initially chosen out of mere curiosity, witnessing the simple lives of villagers there opened his eyes to the needs of others, and each subsequent community service deepened his passion for the less fortunate. Indra also developed his confidence and public speaking skills as the Vice President of the SP Comperes club. There, he had opportunities to emcee several major events such as the SP Open House and even a landscape architecture conference attended by international practitioners.

Indra is now working at Tierra Design(s), a multi-disciplinary award-winning design firm where he had interned previously. Due to his exemplary performance during his internship, the firm invited him back to work part-time until his enlistment. He plans to work for a few years after national service before furthering his studies overseas.

His secondary school teachers would be glad to hear that though he often wandered off during lessons, Indra has managed to shape a bright new path that he can call his own.


Tan Kay Yong Gold Medal
National Parks Board Gold Medal
Cicada Prize
Swee Hong Limited Prize

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