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My heartiest congratulations to the Class of 2014! I hope your journey in Singapore Polytechnic (SP) has been one that is filled with many memorable moments that will linger fondly in your minds for a long time.[ Read More ]

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Speech by Mr Tan Choon Shian


Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education
Your Excellencies
Members of the Singapore Polytechnic Board of Governors
Distinguished Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen

  1. Good morning and welcome to our 54th Graduation Ceremony. We are honoured to have Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education grace this opening session as our Guest of Honour. Thank you Minister for your presence.

  2. This year, Singapore's first polytechnic will be graduating 5510 graduands. My heartiest congratulations to all of you. This graduation ceremony is special as it coincides with our Polytechnic's 60th birthday this year.

  3. Singapore Polytechnic was established in 1954 with the mission to help fulfil technical manpower needs in Singapore. Over the years, many skilled men and women have been groomed through SP to help build the nation. Sixty years on, SP continues to nurture future-ready individuals like you, our graduands here today.

SP@60 Strategic Plan

  1. Singapore Polytechnic unveiled a SP@60 Strategic Plan in 2008. This plan guided SP through the past 5 years towards the vision of preparing our students to be life-ready, work-ready, and world-ready. The vision comprised four strategic thrusts; Providing Holistic Education, Fostering Global Orientation, Creating Learning and Social Spaces, and finally, Building Staff Capabilities.

  2. I am happy to report that SP made great strides under the SP@60 plan. We adopted new pedagogical approaches to provide authentic learning. We rejuvenated the physical campus, and added new facilities and spaces. Always with our students as our focus.

Embarking on a New Vision for 2014 and beyond

  1. We did well in the last 5 years. However, we do not rest on our laurels. As an organization, we did a stock-take and took a long hard look at how and where we will take SP to the future. I personally feel that it is critical that we have a clear vision for SP which is co-created, shared and owned by each and every one of us. This Vision will guide us in our strategies, decisions and actions in trying times and complex situations.

  2. To arrive at the new vision, we went through an inclusive and deliberate process which started in mid 2012 when we consulted experts and key stakeholders, and looked at the future trends of young people, education and work in the world and in Singapore. We also embarked on an engagement exercise in 2013 within Singapore Polytechnic with many staff and some students. We gathered many insights from the rich conversations, and more importantly, collectively came together to open our hearts and share our purpose, passion and aspirations for SP.

New Vision

  1. The visioning process took one and a half years, but I think the time spent and effort invested was worth it. Today, I wish to share with you our new SP Vision - A caring community of inspired learners committed to serve with mastery. These are 3 simple ideas that profoundly affect who we are and what we do.

  2. The first idea of the Inspired learner is about the learner who is purposeful and passionate about learning. He or she is a self-motivated, self-directed learner who has learnt how to learn, and go on to learn for life. The learner refers not just to our students, but also our alumni and staff. In our vision conversations, we heard from many SP lecturers and staff who joined us and stayed with us because they want to inspire the next generation. We also heard from students who have discovered the purpose and joy of learning.

  3. The second idea in our SP Vision is to Serve with Mastery. This is encapsulated in our Polytechnic motto inscribed on the SP Crest. Our motto reads, "Berkhidmat Dengan Keahlian", a Malay phrase which was originally translated into English as "to Serve with Skill". SP received it in 1960 from our former Deputy Prime Minister and the then-Chairman of SP's Board of Governors, the late Dr. Toh Chin Chye. Today, in 2014, we update the translation to "to Serve with Mastery" and adopt it as the second idea in our new vision, to reaffirm our unique strength as a polytechnic. We want our graduates to eventually achieve mastery in their chosen specialization and profession through dedication and practice; and to use this mastery to serve, improve lives and make an impact on society. Mastery, which basically means deep skills, is critical for our graduates to do well in the future economy. Serve with Mastery reaffirms our pride in our specialization and reminds us to use our expertise to serve others.

  4. Now for the third and final idea in our SP Vision - Caring Community. When we forge a sense of belonging amongst the many inspired learners who serve with mastery, we form a community. This caring community starts in SP, but with our 5500 graduates every year, we will over time impact the community in Singapore and beyond. Caring has two meanings. The first is about being gracious, compassionate, and helping those in need. The second is about caring enough to do the right thing, make tough decisions, and to change others and to even change ourselves

New Mission: Life-Ready; Work-Ready and World-Ready

  1. In our vision conversation, we realized that the idea in the earlier SP@60 Vision of preparing our students to be Life-Ready, Work-Ready and World-Ready is evergreen. We will therefore adopt it as SP's new mission. I am confident that with our renewed clarity in our mission, and our collective purpose and passion to pursue the new vision, SP is well poised to nurture our students to meet the needs of society in the years ahead.

Graduates who Exemplify the Vision

  1. Let me now share with you the story of one of our fellow graduands, Lam Ying Sheng, who exemplifies our new vision. Ying Sheng felt that life dealt him a blow when he was not admitted into his preferred secondary school. Prideful and rebellious, he skipped school and fought regularly. Matters came to a head when he almost got himself expelled. After a period of self reflection, he came to his senses and resolved to curb his destructive behavior and put his talent to use. He decided his purpose was to help address society's problems but first he needed to get a good education. Ying Sheng joined SP's Diploma course in Financial Informatics.

  2. Applying himself to his studies, this Inspired learner transformed himself to a straight-A student. The rest is history - he stands before us today as an Institutional Medalist. We are proud to recognize him because he excelled not just in academics but also in CCA, and contribution to SP and to the community. Looking back at his earlier years when he was on the path to self destruction, Ying Sheng is determined to help address society's problems. He volunteers to help youths at risk by conducting workshops for vulnerable youth through CARE Singapore. He is doing his part in "Caring Community", the third idea of the SP vision. Ying Sheng aspires to pursue his career in a ministry or a statutory board to serve Singapore. We wish him all the best to eventually achieve mastery in his job and to serve with mastery, the second idea of the SP vision.

  3. I am happy and proud that many of you are holistic graduates like Ying Sheng. I am also heartened that we are nurturing a caring community of inspired learners who serve with mastery. This holds much promise for the future of Singapore.

SP@60 Celebration

  1. SP has come a long way. Sixty years to be exact. This year, the members of this illustrious institution, students, lecturers, staff members - past and present - will come together in a host of activities to celebrate SP's 60th anniversary.

SP Memories

  1. We encourage you to participate in these activities. One such activity is the SP Memory Project. We have embarked on this project to build a digital collection of stories, memories and photos on the history, tradition and growth of SP; to remember the experiences and contributions of the many students and staff who have made SP the vibrant institution it is today. In the past year alone, we have collected about 300 stories from students, alumni, past and present staff members, as well as our Principals and Chairmen of the Board of Governors over the years. These stories and some 20,000 photos are available for your discovery on My SP Memories website. This online site is not just a depository of memories and information but a live environment for the SP community to gather, to give and share testimonials of their journey in their beloved institution.

  2. At the national level, the National Library Board has the Singapore Memory Project in celebration of Singapore's 50th Anniversary next year. The memories collected in the SP memory project will be added to this meaningful national project.

  3. To all graduands here today, I urge you to visit this website before you leave SP today. I think it would be both fitting and poignant for you to use this opportunity to remember the years you have spent here in SP.


  1. In closing, let me congratulate all of you once again. Graduands, we encourage you to use your talent and future mastery to help ensure that Singapore remains a vibrant and exciting place to live and work in and a place which we want to call home. Do keep in touch through the SP Alumni Network.

  2. My colleagues and I wish all of you the very best as you embark on the next stage of your lives. Thank you.

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