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Speech by Mr Narayan Krishnamohan


Mr. Tan Choon Shian,
Principal and CEO, Singapore Polytechnics
Staff of Singapore Polytechnics
Distinguished Guests
Parents and Graduands

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning. It is a pleasure to be here today at the 55th Singapore Polytechnic Graduation Ceremony.

It is indeed a proud moment for our stars of the day and their families who have supported them through this long and challenging journey. As you embark on a new phase in your lives I congratulate on a milestone successfully achieved and wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

Personally, it is an honor and a privilege to be here and I would like to share some of my thoughts and experiences. I am a graduate of Chemical Engineering and started my career in BASF 20 years ago. The journey has been exciting with many interesting challenges and diverse experiences across international boundaries.

I am proud to be at BASF where “We create chemistry for a sustainable future”. This is our 150 anniversary year and throughout our history we have had a strong focus on research and innovation. Over the years we have invented numerous products, processes and technologies that have contributed to enriching our lives. Currently, BASF has more than 10,000 R&D employees worldwide and invests about €1.8 billion in R&D annually. I hope that some of us can continue today’s association and together pursue a path of mutual satisfaction and success. 

Today as we celebrate the graduation of students from School of Chemical & Life Sciences, I would like to emphasize that Chemicals and Life Sciences are closely linked to every sector of our life and through innovation have an important role to play in the continued development of mankind as well as our planet. At this point I would like to openly share with you that we, mankind, are facing some serious challenges. In 2050, it is estimated that nine billion people will live on this planet. If we continue the way we live and consume our planets resources, we will need almost three of our planets to meet the growing demands of the population. This is definitely not sustainable and together we have to find a solution to one of the most serious issues that face us today. You can make a significant impact on our generation as well as future generations with the choices you make today. Each and every one of you has the possibility to positively contribute to humanity whether you choose to continue in academia & research, start up your own enterprise or work for a corporation.

The launch of SkillsFuture in November 2014 marked a new phase in Singapore’s investment in the development of her people. SkillsFuture seeks to empower every individual to learn at every stage of their lives and develop skills relevant to their future and the future of Singapore. I am happy to learn that the first SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme for the food manufacturing sector was launched on 29 April by Singapore Polytechnic (SP) together with Workforce Development Agency (WDA). The work-study programme is designed to match food companies with fresh polytechnic graduates. From the industry’s perspective, the programme will strengthen the local pipeline for manpower in the sector. From the graduates’ perspective, it provides a career headstart via industry-relevant training and on-the-job training leading to an Advanced Diploma in Applied Food Science.  This new initiative will bring Singapore’s economy to the next level.

My learning over the years has been that a pursuit of excellence in whatever you do is a very important ingredient that contributes to the success of individuals or organizations. Whether one is in the field of academia, business or in our private lives it is important to have clarity on our goal and then pursue it through hard work and determination. I take this opportunity to thank you for having me here and once again wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

Thank you.

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