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Speech by Mr Gilbert Tan Chye Hee

FRIDAY, 22 MAY 2015 (SESSION 15)

My heartiest congratulations to all graduands today from the Singapore Polytechnic’s PACE Academy.

Many of you have taken the Continuous Education and Training (CET) pathway to achieve greater success in your careers. SkillsFuture was launched earlier this year to develop an integrated system of education, training and career progression for all Singaporeans. For the initiatives to work successfully, one key ingredient is to have strong partnerships between the Government, employers and unions.

The Government is a key enabler by providing the infrastructure and resource support, and helping to coordinate between all the different players.  

Employers must support their workers, and allow them to take time off from work to attend training. They should also recognise and reward workers who update their skills to do a better job.

The tripartite partners are committed to support our workers in their CET journey, for all to learn better skills and advance in their career. Individuals also need to do their part in embracing skills upgrading and proactively attend training to stay relevant, and take ownership for their career development.

e2i has been providing and building expertise in career coaching, skills upgrading, job matching, and developing Place-and-Train programmes to help workers and job seekers make informed choices since we started in 2008. We will continue to partner employers to offer guidance on the relevant skill sets needed to move workers into and up in their careers; training providers and industry associations to identify skills and productivity gaps; and develop strategies to help workers progress in their career and wages through skills upgrading and productivity improvements.

Once again, congratulations to all graduands for your achievements and I wish you the very best in your endeavours.

Thank you.

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