Principal and CEO’s Speech
Mr Soh Wai Wah
Principal and Chief Executive Officer
Singapore Polytechnic

Our Guest Speaker, Ms Suiniaty Basirun,

Mr Goh Teik Poh, member of the Singapore Polytechnic Board of Governors

Distinguished Guests




Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning and welcome to our 57th Graduation Ceremony.  

This year, we see our 57th batch of students graduating from Singapore’s first polytechnic. I congratulate all 5,577 graduands from the diploma, post-diploma and WSQ courses on your achievements, and in particular, the 341 of you here today who will be receiving your certificates.

This must be a proud moment for you and your family.  Today’s ceremony marks an important milestone in your life. Over the last few years, you had learned hard, worked hard and played hard. The things that you had learnt, the friendships you had forged, the trials and triumphs that had helped you to grow -- I hope all these experiences will be an indelible part of your memory.  In the years to come, may your time here be a continual source of strength and joy.

As you graduate and leave SP, please do not for a moment think that your learning journey has come to an end.  Whether you are moving on to university or straight to the workplace, you should continue to learn. You should continually deepen your skills and hone your craft. You should build on what you have learnt here in SP and develop yourself further.  Learning does not stop when someone leaves schools and starts work.  You need to see yourself as a lifelong learner, always learning and relearning, until the day you retire, and even beyond that.

To help you in your journey of lifelong learning, SP has also transformed ourselves, to be a poly for all ages, and not just teenagers.  We have always had adults in our classrooms.  However, going forward, we will even be more intentional in helping adults learn. We will have more training programmes for working adults, with syllabi more tailored to their needs in the workplace, and delivered in a manner for accessible for working people.  In other words, as you commence your working life, whether in this year and a few years later, SP will continue to provide you the learning resources that you need.  We will continue to support you in your continuous learning journey.  We want to be your lifelong partner in learning.  We want to see you again on campus, as an adult student.

So, once again, graduands, congratulations, goodbye, and see you again.

Note: This speech was repeated for all sessions except session 12.