Certification International (Singapore) Pte Limited has been engaged to conduct a review and to provide readers with a Statement of Assurance on the reliability of data in the 2007 Environment & Sustainability Report, including the process and development of the carbon calculator. Read the Statement of Assurance

ISO14001 Certification
Certification International was appointed the new assessor for the Singapore Polytechnic’s ISO14001 certification with UKAS accreditation, from 2007 to 2009. In November 2007, the institution’s environmental management system was re-certified into the third cycle, having first obtained ISO14001 certification in 2001.

OHSAS18001 Certification For School Of The Built Environment
In addition to being ISO14001 certified, the School of Built Environment has also obtained OHSAS18001 Certification for its safety and occupational health management system since 2002 and is currently accredited by the Building & Construction Authority, Singapore. The school has been an approved training provider for the Ministry of Manpower since 1995, and currently conducts formal training for Workplace Safety and Health Officers as well as Safety and Health Auditors. It is a lead trainer on safety in the construction industry.

Statement of Assurance For This Report

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