As educators, we have the opportunity to impart our knowledge and skills and influence our stakeholders’ attitudes towards the voluntary protection of our environment. As such, we have undertaken the responsibility of nurturing Green ambassadors who will continue to spread the message of sustainability in their communities and workplace. However, that is not enough to ensure sustainability.

Measures For Sustainable Success
Singapore Polytechnic (SP) has also put in place a series of measures that ensure our physical management of environmental impact on campus is sustainable.

These include:
Environmental Management Systems (EMS), evaluation of legal compliance and social obligation and any improvements in performance.
Instilling a level of commitment towards green efforts in our management, staff and students through policies and appropriate allocation of resources such as the EMS and outreach programmes
Encouraging voluntary participation among staff and students Green activities.
Motivating students to reach out to their peers via the SP Environment Club.


Period Of Coverage
Our second biennial Environment and Sustainability Report records all that has been discussed and implemented from:

  Financial Year - FY2005 to FY2006
April 2005 to March 2007
  Academic Year - AY2005 to AY2006
July 2004 to February 2007
  Events, Activities, Awards
April 2005 to December 2007

It is hoped that by having such up-to-date information, current students will continue to find this report relevant.

Report Coverage
With no campuses overseas and the main campus presently residing in the Dover Road area in Singapore, we recognise that our report should focus environmental sustainability of the campus and the indirect material economic and social impacts.

Our report will cover:
Key Targets A look into the environmental issues we face and the opportunities we have to create a sustainable campus
Our Green Teams & Partners The people who help drive our sustainability campaign
New Environment Courses Our investment for a brighter future
Control measures and management systems For the effective management of resources and waste disposal
Initiatives and programmes Past projects that helped make SP more environment-friendly and sustainable
Ongoing projects Find out what new ideas and environmental projects we are working on right now
Future plans A peek into our future green initiatives
Achievements and milestones Our accomplishments thus far


Our Stakeholders
Through this report, we share with our stakeholders not just our concern for the current degraded state of the environment, but also renewed passion and commitment, fresh ideas and workable plans for the future, within our means. In this process, we hope to address and engage the greater interests of various groups of stakeholders and partners.

At the same time, we constantly identify our customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations through the use of quality management systems and open communication channels such as dialogue, seminars, meetings, induction programmes, executive luncheons and visits.

Messages from our Principals
"Yet we cannot remain spectators to the challenges of environmental change...Together with the government and the business community, the Polytechnic has a role in helping to set the agenda for environmental sustainability."
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