Centre for Application in Environmental Technology (CAET)

Covering eight academic schools in Singapore Polytechnic, the CAET aims to:
Promote technology exchange with industry and partner institutions
Provide a focus for staff development work in the environmental waste industry including areas such as:
  - Water and waste water technology
  - Gaseous emissions
  - Noise abatement
  - Solid waste collection and disposal
  - Sensing technology
  - Waste reduction, recycling and reusing
  - Nature/resource conservation
  - Green and clean manufacturing
Train students and equip them with the skill to support environmental development.

Some projects undertaken by CAET are:
The Waste Concrete Reclamation & Wastewater Recycling In Concrete Batching Plant with Zicom Pte Ltd
Reliable Continuous Fluid Quality Monitoring System
Reliable Intermittent Wastewater Quality Monitoring System
Collection of Rainwater from Rooftops Project
Sustainable and Clean Energy Project and Research
Creative Use of Composite Wood Project

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Centre for Clean Technology (CETC)

Located within the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the CETC was set up to teach, train and promote research in the following areas:
Power system operation and control
Renewable energy generation
Energy storage
Energy management

The CETC has since collaborated with various agencies including the National Environment Agency, Hitachi Asia Ltd, Shell Solar Pte Ltd and University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. Major projects by the CETC include:
Design, installation and commissioning of a 23.7kW capacity hybrid power station
Upgrading of the above power station and a data acquisition system
Design and installation of a solar-powered eco-culture system
Battery testing
Design of the Energy Conservation Learning Centre at Marsiling Secondary School

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Centre for Biomedical & Life Sciences (CBLS)

The Centre for Biomedical & Life Sciences (CBLS) was formerly called Technology Centre for Life Sciences (established back in October 2002). Our role is to support staff & the industry in applied research in selected areas of life sciences that involve multidisciplinary teams.