Singapore Polytechnic International Pte Ltd (SPI) was set up by SP in 2004 to promote our curriculum overseas.


MOUs, research projects, industry and commercial patency/ training partnerships.

International Links
Our Polytechnic, in its pursuit of academic excellence, has established many strong links with various institutions around the world. The aim is to promote technological and staff/student exchanges, academic and work attachments and various projects for mutual benefit. Through such links, the Polytechnic is exposing its students and staff to foreign cultures and work styles. This learning experience will be an asset for our students in their future careers - especially if they have to work overseas. The opportunity to interact with overseas peers further enhances the breadth and depth of the SP curriculum.

Academic Links
We have ties with academic institutions in:
• Finland • France • Germany • Japan
• People's Republic of China • Mongolia • Switzerland
• Switzerland • USA • Vietnam  


The MPA Building is a S$12 million marine simulation centre that employs some of the latest maritime simulation technologies available. Its cutting-edge simulation systems, covering all aspects of a ship's operations from ship-handling to crisis management, can be operated either independently or interlinked with one another, making the MSC possibly one of the most sophisticated maritime simulation centre in the world.