A Self-Sustaining Model Of The Future
InnoVillage, A CERT Project

At Singapore Polytechnic (SP), we are delighted to be able to share our expertise and work with the Economic Development Board in tackling the challenge of achieving sustainability. SP is the lead partner for the Clean Energy Research and Testbedding (CERT) project initiated by the Economic Development Board (EDB).

The CERT project will be housed at Peak@SP, an “InnoVillage” where a cluster of environment-friendly buildings will be built. This will be the home of the CERT Visitors’ Centre and will also serve as a laboratory for the experimentation and demonstration of innovative sustainable development solutions.

With this project, CERT extends its focus beyond solar energy. Harnessing a wide scope of technologies ranging from energy efficiency, building design and wind power to biomass, fuel cells and distributed power generation, these technologies will be used to create a sustainable, environment-friendly development.

For example, the buildings will be architecturally designed to maximise the utilisation of natural light and ventilation. The “InnoVillage” will also harvest rain water and provide shade against excessive sunlight. Energy saving lighting and appliances will be used to ensure efficient usage of energy while water and waste management technologies will be prototyped and test-bedded.

This project, being multi-disciplinary in nature, will promote active collaboration between the various academic Schools. In fact, staff and students are already actively involved in the preliminary planning and design of “InnoVillage” (see Plates 1 and 2). Together with key industry and academic partners, SP hopes to continue to develop and showcase innovative environmental solutions which will benefit Singapore’s economy and our environment.

A Nod For Green
Green Alumni Award for SP Graduates and Partners

It is our hope that after spending three years in a strong green culture and ample exposure through environmental studies and projects at SP, SP graduates would be able to bring with them fresh green impressions of various measures into the workplace. Through this reporting, we hope to seek out those who have made or are making green marks in their workplace to check on how successful we are in creating a multiplier effect.

In spotting these “greenies” and by endorsing their contributions to the environment with the Green Award, we hope to make them models for our youths; to inspire and challenge them to do the same.

In the same way, we will be extending the Green Award to our partners who shared the common vision and efforts towards environmental sustainability, to show our appreciation and to honour them.

The Green Award is a new award, given on top of the SP Green Buddy Award that’s given out annually to students, staff and schools/departments for their outstanding contribution to the environment. Read more about the SP Green Buddy Awards here. More details of the new Green Award will be released in 2008.

Offshore Learning
SP Student Overseas Program

After instilling a greater sense of environmental awareness in our students, we look to challenge our students to contribute and lead the way in environment conservation in the next lap. This can be done by exposing them to the activities of overseas environmental groups.

Students from the SP Environment Club can now look overseas for fresh inspiration on environment conservation and to develop passion for the wider environment in other parts of the world.

The Student Overseas Program will give them the chance to meet their peers and similar interest groups and experience what it is like when society takes ownership of the environment. This programme will also serve to open their minds to challenging environmental issues on a macro level such as shortage of natural resources in another geographical landscape.

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