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Principal's Message
Introduction 1.1   2.9
Commitment & Vision 1.1
About the Report
Report Insights 3   4.4
  Education & Sustainability
  The 2007 Environment & Sustainability Report 3
  Engaging our Stakeholders 4.4   4.14   4.15
GRI Index 3.12
  GRI Application Level Model
  GRI Index Reference
Assurance 3.13
  Statement of Assurance
Teams & Targets
Introduction 1.2
Key Efforts 1.2
Key Targets
  Environment 1.2   EN1   EN2   EN3   EN5   EN8   EN11   EN22   EN26
  Economic 1.2   EC1   EC2   EC6   EC8
  Social 1.2   LA1   LA2   LA4   LA5   LA6   LA10   LA11   LA12   LA13  
Green Teams 4.14
  Green Committee
  SP ENV Club
  ISO14001 Committee
Reaching Out
Success Stories 4.14
  Local Outreach
  Overseas Outreach
Courses 2.2
  Diplomas with Sustainability Elements
  List of Environmental Projects
  Environment-centric courses
Green Partnership 4.14
  Feedback and Communication
  Champions for Conservation
Milestone 2.10
Moving Forward
Going Green
  A Self-sustaining Model of the Future 4.14
  Nod for Green
  Offshore Learning
Campus Sustainability
  SPNeutral carbon calculator  EN11
  The Future Campus  EN11
About SP
Introduction 2.1
In Brief  2   4.14
  Facts & Figures  2.2   2.8
  Board of Governors  2.1   4.14
  Organisation Structure  2.3   4.1
Academic Schools & Departments  2.2
Research & Development  4.14
  Centre for Applications in Environmental Technology
  Centre for Biomedical & Life Sciences
  Technology Centre for Clean Energy
Links  4.14