A sample of our students’ environmental projects, exhibited at our annual SPINNOVEX, is taken from five schools, shown in different colours. These projects were carried out in AY2005 & AY2006.

A comparative study of Lead-free solder to replace conventional Tin-Lead solder.
A Feasibility Study on Agriculture Technology in Built Up Areas
A learning package on the production processes of Purified Water and Water For Injection(WFI)
A Study of ‘Hands Free’ Applications in Public Toilets and the Development of a ‘Hands free’ Locking Toilet Cubicle
A study of corrosion behaviour of steel in tropical marine environment.
A Study of Weather and Climate in Physical Geography
A Study on Handicapped Friendly Access Control System
Access Control for Wheelchairs Bound Handicapped
Air Conditioning System by Geothermal Cooling
Analysis of Ergosterol to Determine Microbial Activity in Environmental Samples
Analytical facility for environmental engineering
Application of “Self-Cleaning” TiO2 coating to reduce toxicity of environmental pollutants
Application of CE for the study of nitrogen containing compounds in human saliva and potable water
Application of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) programme in a food factory
Automatic Plant Watering System
Biodegradable plastics
Bioethanol production form sustainable starch materials
Biohydrogen production from biomass
Biomass gasification/ pyrolysis for biofuel production-Dynamic study in a fluidized bench-scale reactor
Biomass production of bioethanol for industrial and/or municipal wastes
Building a prototype rainwater collector
Building a prototype rainwater treatment unit
Characterisation of Biodegradable Polymers
Characterization of membranes selectivity
Chromatographic analysis of bioremediated oil and grease samples using non-Bacillus sp.
Cleaning indoor air
Coating with vapour corrosion inhibitor for steam pipes
Collection of Rain Water for 'Ecoculture System'
Comparison of the corrosion behaviour of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys in tropical marine environment
Composting of grease trap waste
Corrosion protection coverage area of vapour corrosion inhibitor powder
Corrosively mapping for Singapore tropical marine environment.
Creating a Handicapped Friendly Campus
Desalination of seawater cleaner by aquatic plants
Design of porous wound dressings from biodegradable poly(ester urethane)s
Design of Public Toilets
Design of water treatment kit for developing countries.
Designing a programme to produce ethanol as a biofuel from food waste
Detection of the onset of fouling in hollow fiber membrane system
Develop new computational method of predicting 3D structures of small peptides
Developing transgenic plants for sensing water deficit conditions
Development of a reliable continuous water monitoring system for inland waters
Development of a Reliable Intermittent Wastewater Quality Monitoring System
Development of an Interactive Multimedia Learning Package for Environmental Management
Development of digital chemical sensors for environmental monitoring
Development of e-learning Package for OSH topics
Development of ESH Web Resources for CLS
Development of methods for studying airborne microbial contamination in buildings and confined spaces
Development of methods for the removal of printing ink and toner in printed papers.
Development of nano-silver air purifier.
Dy - Solar Charger
Earth Control Measures
Eco Friendly pest repellents
Eco-friendly pest repellent
Effect of rain water chemistry on the corrosion rate of metals.
Effectiveness of water treatment chemicals on reducing water hardness
Efficient Washing Devices for Water Conservation
Energy Saver for electrical appliances
Environmental, Health & Safety Concerns for Public Housing Estates
Esterification of Recycled Cooking Oil (Industrial Collaborative Project
Evaluation and development of portable water purification devices
Evaluation of some non-conventional feedstuff as dietary protein sources for a commercially important carp/cichlid species
Evaluation of the dynamics of particles emitted during cooking in fume hood
Evaluation on efficiency of particle collection filters in kitchen under different working conditions.
Experimental Eco-Design
Fabrication and characterization of the PVDF hollow fiber membrane
Fabrication of PVDF membranes used as contactors for CO2 capture
Faucets with water flow control feature
Fountain for Office Decoration Involving the Use of Recycled Materials
Generation of genetic markers linked to lead uptake genes of Axonopus compressus
GIS framework for the Conservation of Birds and their Habitats
Handicap Friendly Bus Stop
Harnessing Solar Energy for lighting of Common Area in Commercial Buildings
Harnessing Wind Energy for Lighting
High surface area TiO2 nanotubes and SiO2 (core)-TiO2 (shell) structures used as catalyst supports for selective oxidation of CO.
HPLC and GC analysis of bioremediated soil
Improve Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety (Road Bends) along South Buona Vista Road
Indoor Air Quality
Industrial wastewater treatment design using the EnviroPro Designer
Information retrieval with lead uptake genes in phytoremediation
Innovative Ideas to Improve HDB Living Environment
Land use maximisation and water conservation
LED Advertisement Signs
Little Turby - An alternative source of energy
Long-term monitoring of rainwater corrosively in Singapore tropical marine environment.
Long-Term Monitoring of Rainwater Corrosivity in Singapore’s Tropical Marine Environment
Microbial bioremediation of oil contaminated soil by Bacillus sp.
Microbial profiles of the lead-contaminated soil during phytoremediation
Monitoring environmental air pollution in workplace –Kitchen.
Mosquitos Free Green Gutters
Motorised Sun Shading Devices for Buildings
Motorised Sun Shading Devices with Solar Sensor
Multimedia Development for the New Safety Framework
New Rubbish Bin and Refuse Chute for HDB flats
Noise Level Control (LTA)
Novel design for submerged hollow fibre membranes
Optimisation of operating conditions for the recovery of copper from copper sponge couples with cost benefit analysis of the process.
Optimisation of performance in Eco-diesel fuel
Optimum amounts of a newly formulated vapour corrosion inhibitor (VCI) for metals in seawater
Particle Imaging Velocimetry for local filtration flux determination
Photocatalytic degradation of Bisphenol A using TiO2 and membrane
Pretreatment of sludge
Pretreatment of Sludge
Producing a tissue culture kit for micropropagation of endangered native plants
Quantitative determination of the composition of water-based paints
Rain Sensor for Window
Recovery of copper metal and its compounds from copper sponge
Recovery of precious metal by biosorption process.
Recycled Thermoplastic Pavement Tiles
Recycling and management of household waste in a typical public housing estate.
Recycling Efforts in Singapore
Recycling of Asphalt Waste in Road Base
Recycling of Building Materials
Recycling of domestic grey water using RO
Recycling of thermoplastics rejects
Recycling of Zinc and its compounds from wastes generated by the zinc industry
Recycling Thermosets
Recycling, reducing and reusing non-biodegradable waste
Reduction of Total Battery Consumption in Singapore
Reduction of Total Battery Consumption in Singapore
Reduction of total disk consumption in Singapore
Reusing and Recycling of PET Bottles.
Reverse Osmosis Desalination and Reclamation – Control of Fouling
Risk assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) of food courts and hawker centres
RNA differential display of Axonopus compressusRunoff Characteristics of Overland Flow (Hydrology)
Runoff Characteristics of Overland Flow (Hydrology)
Safety and Protection Measures for Surrounding Areas of a Construction Site
Scaffolding Safety
Shelf Life Extension of Fresh Produce (using ozone)
Singapore River Water Quality Monitoring
Sky Garden for Green Living
Solar Energy and its storage
Solar Energy for Common Area Lighting
Solar Power for aerial vehicles
Solar powered car cooling system
Solar Powered ventilation for wheelchair
Stirling Engine
Study on the conversion of foodwaste to foodfeed
Study the correlation between Biomonitors and Air Pollutants
Study the effectiveness of Phytoremediation in removing contaminants from the environment
Study the Functions of Membrane Bioreactor and Microfiltration
Study the growth pattern of plants
Study the process and the function of Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet Disinfection in the water treatment technique
Study the water quality standards for third world countries
Sustaining Public Housing Estate with Environmental Improvements
Technical evaluation and design of a conventional solar water heater
Tissue culture of Cissus repens, a threatened plant species
To design and make a recyclable plastics packaging for shoes.
To formulate and dehydrate flavoured tea extracted from tea dust and herbs
Topographic studies of the air quality at different perimeters from the Senoko power plant chimneys.
Translation and scale-up of Bacillus sp. fermentation
Treatment of used cooking oil
Tree and Plants Maintenance for Town Councils
Usage of Rain Water for 'Ecoculture System'
Use of by-products from essential oil extraction
Use of Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) in concrete
Use of Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) in granular road base
Used oil recycling system development
Utilization of Heat Harness from the Air-Conditioning Condenser Unit
Warning System in MRT Stations for Handicapped & Weak Commuters
Waste water treatment using upward flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB).
Water Filters, thermal and sound insulating materials derived from recycled Polyethylene terephthalate
Water Saving Water Closet
Water treatment kit for developing countries
Worksite Safety

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