Creating A Sustainable Campus

At Singapore Polytechnic, we continue to face the challenge of rising energy consumption from both operation and development needs, while striving to meet our environmental targets towards a low carbon campus. We also recognise that keeping a green environment is much easier if everyone does his part.

One of our key efforts includes working towards ensuring that all facilities and laboratories have minimal environmental impact by instilling an effective and low-risk Environmental Management System. Wherever feasible, we turn towards alternatives or substitution and simulation in our teaching materials and processes. We also look for opportunities to upgrade our facilities with environment friendly materials, equipments and technology with reasonable investments through good planning.

Walking The Talk
While we cannot avoid releasing carbon into the air, we acknowledge and take responsibility for our contribution to carbon emission. We have therefore taken action towards low carbon emissions by making sure our staff and students lead an environmentally-conscious lifestyle. This includes:

Building consciousness in the way we use and not waste electricity and water around the campus
Cutting down the generation of wastes and continuing with our recycling programme
Developing SPNeutral concept
  - a policy to regulate the use of electricity, gas, transport and consumption patterns and waste generation through self check of our personal lifestyles
  - a carbon calculator to check our carbon footprints
  - Offsetting the amount of carbon released by planting trees around the campus

Implementing such measures within the campus is but a small step towards sustainability. What SP continuously strives to do is raise environmental awareness amongst staff and students through various initiatives and projects so as to raise environmentally responsible citizens for the nation.

Capacity building for the environmental industry has been advanced in these ways:
We offer related diploma courses such as:
  - Specialist Diploma in Energy Efficiency & Management (2004)
  - Diploma in Landscape Architecture (2005)
  - Diploma in Environment Management & Water Technology (2007)
  - Diploma in Clean Energy to be launch in 2008
70% of our course modules include at least one element of environmental sustainability and we are continually reviewing to include more, update their currency and relevance.
The final year projects by SP students are showcased at Spinnovex, an annual exhibition that displays the latest student innovations.
Our staff & student research teams have successfully worked with and are still working with industries on developing new environment friendly products, with some awaiting patent.

ISO14001 certified Campus
In November 2007, Singapore Polytechnic was recertified ISO 14001:2004 and is now in its third cycle of certification.
More about our environmental performance

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