Over the past seven years since obtaining ISO14001 Certification status, Singapore Polytechnic (SP) has systematically identified ten environmental areas for continual monitoring and improvements. In our short and medium term planning, we have intensely worked through the stages from establishing a basic environmental management system (EMS) to developing best practices in our laboratories, facilities and estates management and at the same time raise the level of awareness and capacity building in technology and skills. As we move on to build environmental sustainability in the long run, the set of environmental objectives and targets laid out here for the next three years have been carefully selected to ensure that our resources are focused on reducing serious adverse impacts on the environment and allocated to developing environmental training that translate into positive contribution. Click on each area to read our Performance Status & Targets, including those in the previous years. Read about Key Performance Indicators

Summary of Objectives & Targets - 2005 to 2010

Economic & Social
We have carefully considered the materiality of the economic and social indicators laid out in the GRI guidelines (G3) and identified those that are relevant in our context as an education institution. In this report, we are able to share our own policies and actions taken for establishing the groundwork for supporting the wider national and global sustainability agenda.

Summary of Policies & Efforts - 2005 to 2010
  - Target met through the modules requiring laboratory practices
  - Responding To Climate Change
  - Open Market Procurement
  - Investing In Best Learning Environment
  - Investing To Benefit Our Stakeholders
  - Quality Work Life
  - Fair Employment Practices
  - Open Labour Relations
  - Workplace Health and Safety

Report Focus
With no campuses overseas and the main campus presently residing in the Dover Road area in Singapore, we recognise that our report should focus environmental sustainability of the campus and the indirect material economic and social impacts.
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